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You may know what to eat to lose weight.

You may know what to eat to get big, to get strong and to get healthy.

But knowing that does not equal doing that. You need more willpower to actually do what you know you should do.

You may know how to be successful in your business, in your sport, in your hobbies, in your passions, in your relationships in your life.

You know WHAT to do…but still struggle to actually do it consistently.

Knowing does not equal doing.  You need willpower to translate what you know to do to actually make it happen in your life, every day.

Willpower and discipline take you from day dreaming about the life, the body, the girl, the business, the relationships or the health that you want, to actually having it. This new book, THE PATH TO WILLPOWER Add to Cart shows you how to get that willpower.

Inside you will find;

- Why you need to strengthen your willpower before anything else. Why the success of every part of your life depends on your discipline. (pg 7)

- New information on discipline and willpower from the psychological research of Connor Bryant and the broader field of Psychology. (pg 18)

- Ways to conserve and be more efficient and more effective with how you use discipline. (pg 69)

- Methods for building and strengthening your discipline. (pg 25)

- What the newest Psychological research tells about why the way that most people create goals and use visualisation is actually holding them back from success. (pg 57)

- The most effective way to create goals and use visualisation to your advantage, rather than using it in ways that actually hold back your progress as most do. (pg 59)

- The two most important things in your life to fix to boost your willpower through the roof and instructions on how to do that. (pg 21)

- How to strengthen your discipline so that you can actually put your knowledge into action consistently and actually achieve success, rather than just constantly planning for it. (pg 78)

- How THE PATH TO WILLPOWER takes you away from fleeting glory and towards actual success. (pg 82)

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PathToWillpowerCoverPage“Willpower is a means of achieving the goal, but beyond that, willpower is  the goal.”

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Buy your copy of THE PATH TO WILLPOWER today and receive it for only under 10 dollars. Yes I could tell you that’s only the price of a few coffees. But you know how much 9 odd dollars is.  And you are by now well aware of the cost of continually knowing that you could have success, but that fundamental piece of the puzzle, willpower, is constantly holding you back from actually doing what you need to do to get it. If you want to spend more countless years reading about new methods to get strong, to make money, to find the girl you want, the guy you want, the life you want, the body you want….but then somehow just not being able to consistently actually do those things…then feel free to continue on doing what you’re doing.

Continue consuming more and more information which eventually just frustrates you more and more as you feel like it’s all just within your grasp, the information’s there…but somehow you just can’t reach out and grab it. Or you could buy this book, find out how your discipline has been holding you back and learn what to do to build it and grab hold of your dreams. Stop wondering. Stop endlessly planning. Stop day dreaming. Stop making small, inconsistent, sputtering steps toward something.

Start doing. Turn your willpower into steel. Click on the ADD TO CART button below to purchase the e-book THE PATH TO WILLPOWER.

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