Eschew the shortcuts


In Japan, as with any other coun­try I have been to, there is a strange and stu­pid phe­nom­e­non. You will walk through a sub­way sta­tion and come to the exit — on the right the esca­la­tor, on the left the stairs. The esca­la­tor will inevitably be packed, sar­dined with peo­ple look­ing for the quicker, eas­ier way up, while the stairs up next to it are like a ghost town. Peo­ple will even line up for min­utes just to take the esca­la­tor up, despite the extra time and effort it takes to stand and shuf­fle and for­ward and wait just to be able to take the “quicker and eas­ier” short­cut. Mean­while, the stairs, those jagged, lumpy things where you have to move your legs a lit­tle more, are as deserted a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic cityscape.

It’s crazy. Eschew the esca­la­tor. Eschew the “easy” and “quick” short­cuts that may (but usu­ally, as in the case of many esca­la­tors, actu­ally don’t) get you there faster. Avoid the quick fix that leaves you soft, untrained, unlearned and as use­less a lump of flesh as when you started.

I had a girl­friend before, who in some ways didn’t respect me as a man. She would touch my ass and gig­gle and say how soft it was.…like a girls. She wasn’t being a bitch, she was telling the truth. When I would get obvi­ously upset, while try­ing to remain cool, she would say “its okay, its cute” which of course just made it worse. Yet, my first reac­tion was never to go hit the road, hit the gym, hit the weights, stop eat­ing breads and pas­tries by the loaf-load.No, of course not, that would have taken time and hard-work. My reac­tion was always to get pissed off at her. “Who does she think she is? Her ass isn’t that great. Her tits aren’t very big. Pffft!”

I would always blame it all on her some­how, think­ing how she doesn’t have the social skills or sen­si­tiv­ity or warm heart to be sup­port­ive and know how to talk to men and build them up. That also was true, as true as the qual­ity of her ass and breasts. I had expe­ri­ence with women who would have bet­ter social skills, or a bet­ter body, or a bet­ter way of talk­ing to men and mas­sag­ing their egos. But the truth of all of that, any short­com­ings she had was irrel­e­vant. The fact that she could say those things, let alone think them and notice them, was because of my fail­ings, my lazi­ness and my weak­ness.

Now, what does the ghost of my flabby ass past and my ex-girl­friend have to do with esca­la­tors and short­cuts? I took men­tal short­cuts. I jumped straight past the men­tal reac­tion that would be painful and lead to hard­work and a long road, fac­ing up to my short­com­ing and work­ing on it, and instead jumped to reac­tions that pro­tected my ego and shifted the blame away from me and onto other peo­ple.

The same thing hap­pens with guys who can’t get girls. They could improve them­selves as men, work­ing on their gen­uine con­ver­sa­tion skills, their work, life mis­sion and focus, their men­tal sharp­ness, their dis­ci­pline, their body, health and physique, basi­cally all the things that make a man attrac­tive to a woman…

.……but instead they think

I can game the bitches into lik­ing me!”

They go out and pay some money for a book and a quick fix. A few lines, or tech­niques to use. As though a few words strung together, or a cer­tain way of hold­ing their body can solve every­thing.

Or with busi­ness. I could build a deep knowl­edge in an area, a gen­uinely use­ful pro­duct to help peo­ple. Or I could just go for a slick mar­ket­ing cam­paign, sell the siz­zle not the steak.

These are all short­cuts, which are very, very appeal­ing, but leave you at your des­ti­na­tion with­out the char­ac­ter and strength and knowl­edge to really gain any­thing in the long term.

Eschew the esca­la­tors.

Eschew the short­cuts.

Put in the hard­work, set your eyes far off on the hori­zon, put your head down and get to work. Leave those other chumps lin­ing up for the esca­la­tor.

Like­wise with game.…learn tricks to make girls like you…learn tricks to imi­tate the kind of guy girls are attracted to…fuck that…put in the work and become that guy.…

I want to build a busi­ness inspir­ing peo­ple and help­ing them…then think…why would they lis­ten to me? Who am I to be telling them what to do? or how to live? or how to achieve this or that? BIni­tial instinct is to use mar­ket­ing, tricks, images, technqiues.….but fuck that…put the hard work in yourself…to prove to your­self it does work.….to become the kind of per­son peo­ple want to follow…to want to become like…become the kind of man peo­ple want to lis­ten to kand know his secrets and try to emu­late parts of his path.…..

fuck the shortcuts.…fuck their fleet­ing pay offs

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