Reclaim your wolf heart.

Today, for a first quick post back, a lit­tle look at a hard­work­ing metal singer who shows the kind of ded­i­ca­tion and grit that is not always asso­ci­ated with a rock/metal lifestyle.

Tuo­mas Saukko­nen is the singer from Before The Dawn, a big Scan­di­na­vian metal band who have been pop­u­lar amongst those in the know for years. Unfor­tu­nately, after many albums over just 10 years, he shut down the band a cou­ple of years ago, but that’s where his work ethic got even cra­zier. He embarked on his new musi­cal project Wolf­heart and the crazy thing is…he does it all him­self. He has formed a band around him for tour­ing, for live shows, but on the albums, when writ­ing and record­ing, he plays every­thing him­self.


” I will con­tinue with this project by my own means but the main ‘red-line’ in this new project is to cre­ate a band that has the energy of Before The Dawn and mix it with the low-tuned dark, heavy and epic atmos­phere of Black Sun Aeon. Also at a same time I have had some north­ern war­rior feel­ing into it so those are the main ingre­di­ents what Wolf­heart will con­tain. You can expect me to write more diverse songs now because I don´t have to write songs for 3 to 4 dif­fer­ent bands but instead I am only focus­ing into this one.”

So if you have ever thought about mak­ing some music but stum­bled on the com­plaint that “I don’t have a band…I don’t know any­one who plays drums…or guitar…or bass.…If only.…” then realise that you are mak­ing excuses. Just look at Tuo­mas Saukko­nen and his Wolf­heart. Check him out in this film clip. Play­ing every thing.

Not a big fan of metal, or tat­toos cov­er­ing the entire geog­ra­phy of someone’s skin?

The guy pow­er­lifts too. That’s in between work­ing a full-time job and being a one man band and writ­ing and record­ing albums at a rate that most full-time, fully pop­u­lated bands would be envi­ous of. A photo and post from his face­book again illus­trate his work ethic.



83,5h of work so far for this week and 16h to go for today.

What is your excuse?”

Whether you like his music, his style, or pow­er­lift­ing or not is besides the point.

His ded­i­ca­tion and work ethic are inspi­ra­tional. Don’t have the mem­bers or peo­ple you think you need to be able to get started on some project or some goal. Be self-suf­fi­cient like this Finnish guy. Just start, just do it. Work the rest out later.

Think you don’t have enough time in the day to do what you really want to do? Again, read­ing through the Wolf­heart singer’s story should divest you of that excuse. Make time. Watch less TV. Stop drink­ing. Stop check­ing your phone or face­book every ten min­utes. There are many more hours in the day than you realise, build­ing up to a wealth of time in the week, for those truly ded­i­cated.

So, when you find your­self com­fort­ing your bruised ego, sooth­ing your dis­ap­point­ment with a plethora of excuses.….….……remember the;







  1. DV

    Wow! wel­come back to the land of the liv­ing!
    It’s been awhile!
    Excited to come back and see a post.
    A lit­tle dif­fer­ent from usual.
    I haven heard of the band but I use to like metal so I’ll check them out!
    Keep the posts com­ing!

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