Found difficult and not tried…

christianityleftuntriedThe Chris­tian ideal has not been tried and found want­ing; it has been found dif­fi­cult and not tried.”

- Gilbert K. Chester­ton

How many things have you heard from peo­ple (or on-line, or in books), pieces of sage advice, ideas, moti­va­tional speeches, sys­tems, diets, exer­cises, busi­ness plans or what­ever other things, that sounded great and got you really inspired? How many times have you been con­vinced that those should work, that these would be the real thing, the thing that finally worked, that finally got you off your ass and changed you, changed your life in some pro­found way?

Now how many times have you been dis­ap­pointed? The advice didn’t work. The sys­tem didn’t work. The diet didn’t help you lose weight, or it did for a while but then you put it all back on, plus some. The train­ing regime didn’t carve you into the bronzed sculp­ture of a Greek god like you expected. The busi­ness plan resulted in noth­ing but some money squan­dered. The “live your pas­sion now!” course resulted in you feel­ing more mis­er­able because you had failed to leave your mediocre job and rou­tine, bor­ing life.

And so you start to get jaded…you start to sneer, roll your eyes and poke holes in all the new pieces of advice, inspi­ra­tion and moti­va­tion you hear. You start to “know” that it doesn’t work, that none of them work and that they are all a load of bol­locks. You could be right, many of the schemes and scams and “you can do any­thing you want, yay!” dreams are just fluff sprin­kled with rain­bow dust and psuedo-sci­ence. But there are var­i­ous things, prob­a­bly a few that you have tried, that were actu­ally viable, legit­i­mate ways to fun­da­men­tally, pow­er­fully change some aspect of your behav­iour, some aspect of your life.

Yet you have dug your­self into a hole of not try­ing any­thing any­more, jaded by so many “empty promises” and dis­ap­point­ments that you have all but given up. You may still go through the motions of try­ing things, but it is with a heavy heart, pre­pared to fail, pre­pared to give-up, ever sooner. You feel you will fail even before you have started. You barely try any­more and start to jus­tify instead just stay­ing where you are and stay­ing how you are.

But there are still things out there, good ideas, good dietary advice, good train­ing reg­i­mens, good finan­cial advice, good psy­cho­log­i­cal and dis­ci­pline focussed advice that could reap some huge ben­e­fits in your life.


Do NOT stop at the point where it gets dif­fi­cult. Just past that point of max­i­mal dif­fi­culty is where the real changes can come. And the dif­fi­culty never truly ends, it just ebbs and flows and gets harder and harder as you climb to greater and greater heights. Yet, if you KEEP TRYING, those harder and harder peaks of dif­fi­culty get men­tally eas­ier and eas­ier as your self-dis­ci­pline and knowl­edge of your abil­i­ties and your prospec­tive rewards grow.

Some things may be ter­ri­ble advice, ter­ri­ble schemes or awful scams. But you will not know until you have pushed through that first peak of dif­fi­culty, not just the first moment, or day, or week of dif­fi­culty, but through that first entire peak of dif­fi­culty. After you have truly tried, if you are still not see­ing ben­e­fits of any kind, sure, re-eval­u­ate, ask around and con­sider putting it in the “scam” bin. But don’t give up with­out try­ing.

Whether it is some spir­i­tual con­nec­tion to your maker, some research or career endeav­our, some health and phys­i­cal improve­ment or some other goal, you must try and push past the dif­fi­culty bar­rier to truly assess it, oth­er­wise all you can base any con­clu­sions on is not the thing itself, but merely your imag­i­na­tion of the thing.

The Chris­tian ideal has not been tried and found want­ing; it has been found dif­fi­cult and not tried.”

- Gilbert K. Chester­ton

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