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Kingship Over All Life


“Self-control is self-mastery. It is kingship over all life. At the center of your being sits yourself. Your seat ought to be a throne. If you are not in control, if there are any forces in your nature that are unruly, that do not acknowledge your sway, you are not ...

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The Will To Power


     Will power, the fuel, the fire and “will to power”, the thing    you want to burn to the ground, to stand on its ashes and    raise yourself up.    Where Willpower is a function of the mind, a tool to exercise your self-control and thus control ...

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Freud, Id, Ego and Super Ego


With the prominent forehead and bulbous brow of a driven man, Freud has become an image of the intellectual man; stern and with a hard outlook, imposing his rules and reality on life. Now we know that every dream about a toothbrush doesn’t necessarily mean you are obsessed with penises, ...

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